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Well Design and Construction
Oakland Metropolitan Golf Links, Oakland, CA

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The Oakland Metropolitan Golf Links is located on the east shore of San Francisco Bay, next to Oakland International Airport.  The golf course was completely reconstructed in 2002.

This project involved an assessment of the potential to develop groundwater for irrigation, including the risk of salt water intrusion from San Francisco Bay.  The well design was modified to seal off shallow aquifers with the potential for salt-water intrusion. 

A 5-inch diameter mud-rotary test borehole was drilled to a depth of 665 feet and elogged in one day.  A 12-inch diameter mild steel well to a total depth of 630 feet with 68 feet of stainless steel continuous slot casing was installed in a 24-inch diameter borehole by the reverse-rotary drilling method in two days.  Efficient drilling is important for the reverse-rotary method because the fresh circulation water can cause the borehole clays to swell over time and damage the borehole. 

The well produced 700 gallons per minute with a specific capacity of 7 gpm per foot of drawdown and was completed with a deep-well turbine pump.  The well water was sampled and analyzed for irrigation quality parameters.  The water was also analyzed for corrosion/encrustation potential and bacterial identification as a baseline for well maintenance and possible future rehabilitation.  The well has been in continuous successful operation for twelve years.