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PG&E Caribou Powerhouse horizontal drain project, North Fork Feather River, CA, 2010.

Groundwater Availability Evaluation for Proposed Roberts Creek Vineyard Subdivision, Santa Rosa, CA 2009.

Groundwater Availability Evaluation, Proposed Vineyard Subdivision, Harmon Property, Santa Rosa, CA, 2008-09.

Groundwater Availability Evaluation in Support of a Vineyard Minor Subdivision, Ginn Property, Healdsburg, CA, 2007.

Groundwater Supply to a Vineyard Irrigation Well, Napa, CA, 2006-07.California State Department of Health Services, Drinking Water Division, Task Force to revise DHS Waterworks Standards Section 64554(c)(2)(A and B) - Public Water Systems, determination of the capacity of hard rock wells, 2005-10.

Water Supply Investigation in support of Writ of Mandate to require the City of Orinda to comply with the requirements of CEQA and its implementing regulations for a proposed private bedrock water supply well, Private Community, Orinda, CA, 2005-06.

Baquirin Water Supply Well Design, Perchlorate Contamination Zone of the Llagas Basin, Southern Santa Clara Valley, CA, 2005.

Water Resources Availability Evaluation in Support of a Vineyard Minor Subdivision, Marino Property, Santa Rosa, CA, 2004.

Groundwater Availability Evaluation, Shadhiliyya Sufi Center, Pope Valley, CA, 2004.

Golf Course Irrigation Well, Design and Construction Management, Oakland Metropolitan Golf Course, CA, 2002.

Golf Course Irrigation Well, Design and Construction Management, City of Mountain View, CA, 1999-2002.

Domestic Water Well Sitings, Berkeley Hills, Livermore Valley, 1999.

Review of Proposed Exploration for Groundwater Supply from Fractured Bedrock, 1997.

Proposed Expansion of the Punta Negra Well Field, Escondida Copper Mine, Antofagasta, Chile, 1994.

Preliminary Evaluation of the Punta Negra Well Field, Escondida Copper Mine, Antofagasta, Chile, 1991.

Preliminary Well Field Designs for Monturaqui Basin, Escondida Copper Mine, Antofagasta, Chile, 1991.

Well Field Design and Water Supply Simulations, Syama Gold Mine, Mali, West Africa, 1989.

Water Supply Development Impact Assessment, Proposed Alton Coal Mine, Alton, Utah, 1988.

Potential for Groundwater Development from Bedrock Formations, Goleta, CA, 1986.

Groundwater Hydrology of Carmel Real, Monterey County, CA, 1986.Design and Construction Management, Bedrock Municipal Water Supply Well (5,500-foot depth), Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA, 1986.

Hydrogeologic Investigation for Groundwater Supply, Ventana Inn, Big Sur, CA, 1986.

Agricultural Development in the Mojave Desert:  Groundwater Resources Investigation near Cadiz, San Bernadino County, CA, 1985.

Design and Construction Management, Anita Municipal Water Supply Well, Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA, 1985.

Feasibility Study for Plum Valley Production Well, Scotts Valley, CA, 1985.

Design and Construction Management, Airport Municipal Water Supply Well, Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA, 1984.

Groundwater Basin Management Plan, Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA, 1984.

Perennial Yield Assessment of the Goleta Groundwater Basin, Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA, 1983.

Groundwater Flow Model for a Drinking Water Well Field, Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka, 1981.


Design and Installation of a Permanent Groundwater Dewatering System, Bellarmine Residence Hall, Santa Clara University, CA 2010-13.

Design and Installation of a Permanent Groundwater Dewatering System, In-Shape Headquarters, Stockton, CA  2010-12.

Feasibility Evaluation for Permanent Dewatering, California Water Service Company Engineering Building, San Jose, 2008-09.

Rehabilitation of Existing Groundwater Dewatering System, Pacific Plaza, Walnut Creek, 2007-08.

Design and Installation of a Construction and Permanent Groundwater Dewatering System, Learning Commons/Library, Santa Clara University, 2006-08.

Design and Installation of a Permanent Groundwater Dewatering System, Automated Retrieval System Building, Santa Clara University, 2004-05.

Preliminary Investigation of Shallow Groundwater Conditions, Naval Radio Transmitter Facility, Dixon, CA, 2002.

Permanent Groundwater Dewatering System, Orradre Library, Santa Clara University, CA, 1998, 1999-2000.


Application to waive Santa Clara Valley Water District groundwater charge for a private well, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA 2012-present.

Vineyard irrigation and water supply well design, Arroyo v Jack Neal & Sons, Sonoma County, CA 2012-13.

Review of Lehigh Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment EIR, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA  2012.

Landslide hydrology, Hector v Buckley, Mill Valley, CA, 2011-12.

Drainage hydrology, Tober v Fitzpatrick, Mill Valley, CA, 2011-12.

Landslide hydrology, Peters v Mission Peak Company, Fremont, CA, 2008-12.

Surface-water drainage flood damage, Strider v Waggoner, Healdsburg, 2008-12.

Landslide hydrology, Larson v Bayview Development Co., San Diego, 2008-12.

Drainage flood damage, Tomlinson v Friedman, 2008-12.

Landslide hydrology, Engs v Amundson, Orinda, CA, 2007-11.

Landslide hydrology, Pennetta v Suronen, Oakland, CA, 2007-08.

Landslide hydrology, Scanlon v Kaufman et al., Orinda, CA, 2007-11.

Flooding of San Anselmo Creek, Beament v Town of San Anselmo, San Anselmo, CA, 2007-11.

Surface-water flooding, Vincent v Reynolds, Port Costa, CA, 2007-10.

Groundwater basin management, Great Oaks Water Company v Santa Clara Valley Water District, San Jose, CA, 2007-11.

Alhambra Creek flood damage, Crosby v Brotherhood of Teamsters, Martinez, 2007-10.

Hillside erosion below a storm drain outfall, Skoumbas v The County of Contra Costa, et al., Orinda, CA, 2006-07.

Landslide hydrology, Diamond Street Homeowners v Vista Del Monte Apartments, Diamond Heights, San Francisco, CA, 2005-06.

Drainage damage investigation, Jones v Shaw, Oakland, CA 2004-05.

Urban Strawberry Creek culvert failure, Prentice v City of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 2004-05.

Surface water flood damage, Pearson v City of Oakland, CA, 2004.

Real estate non-disclosure of drainage, Rahimi v Sprewell, Oakland, CA 2004.

Drainage damage investigation, Jordan v Clements, Oakland, CA 2005.

Surface-water flood damage, Sandkuhle v Bengtson (Diablo Hills Country School), Danville, CA 2004.

Landslide hydrogeology, Esmaili v City of Milbrae, Milbrae, CA, 2002-04.

Landslide hydrogeology, Compton v State of California Department of Transporation, Gualala, CA, 2003-05.

Landslide hydrology, Zotovich v Aljouny, Alamo, CA, 2003.

Surface water flooding, Wood v Bartz, Martinez, CA, 2003.

Landslide hydrology, Compton v Allstate Insurance, Gualala, CA, 2002-03.

Landslide hydrology, Jones v City of Oakland, Oakland, CA, 2002-03.

Landslide hydrology, Belforte v Egga, San Rafael, CA, 2001.

Landslide hydrology, Rodgers v Fletcher, Martinez, CA, 2001.

Landslide hydrology, Peterson v Wilson (Tan), Danville, CA, 2001.

Landslide hydrology, Yerina v Nelson, Martinez, CA, 2000.

Landslide hydrology, Lombard Acceptance Corp. v City of San Anselmo (Lovette), San Anselmo, CA, 2000-01.

Landslide hydrology, Whalen v Swanson, Martinez, CA, 1999-2000.

Drainage, Lambert v Allen (Espos), Oakland, CA, 1999-2000.

Drainage, Little v Kowalski, Alamo, CA, 1999.

Storm drain investigation, Hong v City of Oakland, Oakland, CA, 1998-2003.

Landslide hydrology, Pollock v City of Berkeley (Leopold), Berkeley, CA, 1998-2002.


Flood Evaluation, Unnamed Tributary to Coyote Creek, Mill Valley, CA, 2002.

Hydrology Report, Dow Property, El Cerrito, CA, 2010.

Hydrology Report, Leung Property, Oakland, CA, 2010.

Hydrology Report, Owens Property, Arroyo Mocho, Livermore, CA, 2001.

Hydrology Report, Dixon Property, unnamed tributary to Peralta Creek, Oakland, CA, 2001.


Siting, Design, and ConstructionGroundwater Monitoring Well Completion Reports, City of Mountain View Landfill, 1991, 1996, 1997.

Groundwater Monitoring Well Completion Report, City of Sunnyvale Landfill, 1995.

Water Quality Solid Waste Assessment Test, Albany Point Landfill, Albany, CA, 1995.Solute Transport Modeling, Chateau Fresno Landfill, 1994.

Environmental Control Systems Master Plan, City of Mountain View Landfill, 1993.

Solute Transport Modeling, Walnut Avenue Landfill, 1992Leachate and Groundwater Master Plan, City of Sunnyvale Landfill, 1992.
Hydrologic Modeling of Appanolio Canyon for a Proposed Landfill Expansion, Half Moon Bay, CA, 1990.

Environmental Testing Program, City of Berkeley Landfill, Berkeley, CA, 1989.

Bay Pointe Landfill Hydrogeologic Site Characterization, Contra Costa County, CA, 1989.

Regulatory ComplianceWater Quality Self-Monitoring Reports, City of Sunnyvale Landfill, 1990-present.

Site Characterization, Corrective Action Program, and Water Quality Monitoring Plan, City of Mountain View Landfill, CA, 1997-02.

Water Quality Self-Monitoring Reports, Acme Landfill, Martinez, CA, 1996.

Corrective Action Program and Water Quality Monitoring Plan, City of Sunnyvale Landfill, CA, 1995.

Amended Water Quality Solid Waste Assessment Test, Hellyer Park Landfill, Santa Clara County, CA, 1995.Water Quality Self-Monitoring Reports, City of Mountain View Landfill, (1990-94).

Amended Report of Waste Discharge, Sludge Mono Fill and Concrete/Asphalt Recycling Operations, City of Sunnyvale Landfill, 1993.

Database Management System for Groundwater and Leachate Quality Monitoring, Multiple Clients, 1991.


Contamination Sites Database/GIS for Intranet/Internet, City of Mountain View, CA, 2002-03.

Revised Corrective Action Monitoring Plan, Former Pond Site, PG&E McDonald Island Gas Storage Facility, Stockton, CA, 1997-2000.

Transport of Residual Salts in the Unsaturated Zone Beneath the Former Ponds, PG&E Topock Gas Compressor Station, San Bernadino County, CA, 1994.

Evaluation of Chemical Attenuation during Groundwater Extraction, CTS Printex, North Bayshore Area, Mountain View, CA, 1991.

Review of Remedial Action Plan for Teledyne Spectra Physics Corporate Cleanup, and Review of System Performance, North Bayshore Extraction System, Mountain View, CA, 1989.

Review of Superfund Cleanup Activities by the U.S. EPA, Selma Pressure Treating Company, Selma, CA, 1989.

Hewlett-Packard Groundwater Remedial System Design, Mountain View, CA, 1988.Siemens Semiconductor Groundwater Release Evaluation, Sunnyvale, CA, 1988.

Hewlett-Packard Groundwater Release Evaluation, Palo Alto, CA, 1988.Sola corporation Groundwater Release Evaluation, Petaluma, CA, 1987.